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I have a project with 2 branches let's say v1.1 en v1.2 (in the same svn repository). In v1.1 I modified 2 files and comitted them seperatly (2 revisions). Now I wanted to merge revision 1 into v1.2 and block revision 2 (may not merged).

(I use eclipse 64-bit with subclipse a Collabnet for merging.)

For the first I choose 'merge a range of revisions', pick revision 1 and merge this into v1.2 and commit.

For the second I choose ... (block one or more revisions); I select revision 2. First symptom of the problem is noticeable here: the already merged revision is still in the list. Anyway, I follow the 'ignore what I don't understand' procedure and continue. A few steps later eclipse asks me if I want to commit the updated mergeinfo property? I choose Yes. Next I get the message 'No files were changed or added since last commit'.

When I restart a merge and choose 'select range of revisions' then I still see both in the list: the already merge revision A and the blocked revision B. When I look at the properties of the project I don't see a single property called svn:mergeinfo. I'm new to this but I thought that was the way svn stores this information?


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I think you need to upgrade your repo to 1.6.x before this will work.

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thanks, I thought the server was on 1.4 (it's one I 'rent') but after a closer look it was still 1.4. Fortunately I did have the option to upgrade it to 1.5 and fortunately 1.5 also supports it. Problem solved! – Stijn Geukens Feb 27 '10 at 16:22

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