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I am trying to log in to a website using the Chrome WebDriver. The only problem is it appears that the text box where you put the username is not visible. When I run the code if I manually click in the box where the username goes then the program will complete no problem. How do I make the element visible so I can click on it?

When the code gets to username.Click(); I get "element not visible".

static void Main(string[] args)
        var driver = new ChromeDriver();
        var wait = new WebDriverWait(driver, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30));
        var loginPopUp = wait.Until(d => driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//*[@id='user-menu']/li[2]/a")));
        var username = wait.Until(d => driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//*[@id='login']")));
        const string script = "document.getElementById('login').style.visibility='visible';";
        var password = wait.Until(d => driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//*[@id='password']")));
        var login = wait.Until(d => driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//*[@id='popup-body']/div/div[3]/div[5]/a")));
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Username box is not visible. Do it takes time to appear on page?

You can use this to make element visible.

For logo : Make google logo hidden


Make google logo visible


Capture the screenshot in test to debug the issue.

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Please try to get the element into view by scrolling using this following JS


Then you can click() on it.

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