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For synchronous processing, we use supervisord with a beanstalkd queue. The application and worker code is all written in php (using SlmQueue). I notice that when we deploy new code, the new code isn't working for the worker processes. I am not quite sure what's the reason, but what I did found out:

  1. service supervisor restart does not restart the process (the PID keeps the same)
  2. supervisorctl reload does reload all the processes, the new code is used for now
  3. supervisorctl has no way (as I understand it) to reload only one program and keep the others still running

I am looking for a way to deploy new code (working via ansible and a git checkout) and no need to restart the complete supervisor process with all its children. We run Ubuntu 12.04 machines with PHP 5.5. I guess the opcode cache may play a role, but I am unsure how to trigger a flush for these specific files.

Is there any way to gracefully reload the processes and not completely reload all supervisord child processes? Or if the reason might be the opcode cache, is it possible to flush the cache with a certain trigger?

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