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i created a TTViewController that should show some Informations from a external (web) source. i already worked with some TTableViewControllers where i used the TTModel System (i created a TTURLRequestModel and a TTListDataSource for my TTTableViewControllers)

whats the way to do this with a TTViewController? is there also something like a DataSource and Request Model or do i have to assign my ViewController with the TTURLRequestDelegate and run a simple URL Request?

im asking because i dont know whats the "best" and "newest" way to fill my viewcontroller with data from the web. i know how to do this for tableviews but not for views.

thanks in advance

edit: some code

my singlePostViewController:

@interface singlePostViewController : TTModelViewController 
       singlePostModel *_singlepostmodel; 
- (void) createModel { 
        _singlepostmodel = [[singlePostModel alloc] init]; 

and my singlePostModel

@interface singlePostModel : TTURLRequestModel { 


but what to do now? where to load my stuff and setting it up?

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Check out the TTModelViewController class. You'll want to subclass that. You create the TTURLRequestModel in the createModel: method and add "self" to the list of model's delegates. There are a bunch of interesting methods available that should be sufficient for what you're trying to do.

In particular, this PDF shows a good relationship between the model, datasource, and controller classes.

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hm have you something like an example for that, or a tutorial? –  choise Feb 27 '10 at 23:09
Added a link to a useful PDF. –  Algorithmic Mar 2 '10 at 16:51

Check this twitter example https://github.com/facebook/three20/tree/master/samples/TTTwitter Its straightforward example.

You need to override "-(void) load:(TTURLRequestCachePolicy)cachePolicy more:(BOOL)more" method in your subclass of TTURLRequestModel to fetch remote data.

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