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Javascript has textObject.defaultValue=somevalue for retrieving the default value (stored value from page load) of an input even if you wipe the input and replace the contents, you can still get the default back. Like this:

// in the html page
<input id="addr1" type="text" value="21 Oak St." />

// the jquery
myInput = $("#addr1"); // the input, default value on page load = 21 Oak St.

$(myInput).val('51 New St'); // wipe default and set new

// alerts 21 Oak St

How do you accomplish this on a select?

selectedIndex is boolean, not the value, so that does not work.


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I don't think selectedIndex is a boolean it should be an integer and as @Pointy said if you iterate the options get the defaultSelected you can set the selectedIndex to the index of the defaultSelected. –  bendewey Feb 27 '10 at 16:45

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You probably want to look at the "defaultSelected" attribute of "option" elements.

Initially, "defaultSelected" will be true if the original HTML of the option tag had an explicit "selected" attribute. You can change that by setting the attribute on option tags with Javascript after the page has loaded, in response to whatever conditions you like.

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+1 Didn't know about this one, nice. –  bendewey Feb 27 '10 at 16:39

with Jquery we can do sth like this :

$('select[name="type_id"] option').map(function()
    if($(this).attr('defaultSelected')==true) return this 

This will return the default Selected option value :)

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This is the jquery that works for me:

$('select[name="name_of_select"] option[selected]').val()
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The only issue with this is if no options have the selected HTML attribute set it returns undefined. But in that case, the default value is the first option. –  daiscog Sep 4 '14 at 15:35

I used the following to loop through a forum, check their default values and their current values.

if the script comes a cross a single selectbox it will loop through the children on the selectbox.

oFormObject = document.forms[0];
for(i=0; i<oFormObject.elements.length; i++)
     oValue = oFormObject.elements[i].value;
     oType = oFormObject.elements[i].type;
     if(oType=='select-one') {
         for(k=0; k<oFormObject.elements[i].children.length; k++)
                 oformElement = oFormObject.elements[i].children[k].value;
         oformElement = oFormObject.elements[i].defaultValue;
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there may be multiple "selected" option elements, in that case pick the first if no other requirements are set. @Pointy tip is correct but be aware that the "defaultValue" property can be overwritten by other code in the same page. If it were read-only it would be more useful :-)

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I found a shortest way to do this :

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I run this on page load to manually set the defaultValue for Select boxes.

// Set a default value property on selectboxes (for reverting)
$('select').each(function(index,ele) {
    var origvalue = $(this).val(),
        defaultvalue = $(this).prop('defaultValue');

    // If the default value hasn't already been set for this selectbox
    if(!defaultvalue) {
        $(this).prop('defaultValue', origvalue);
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