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I have a list of birthdays in Umbraco and want to order them by date day but by ordering by the date picker "birthday" I get a list of the youngest first rather than by day month year

so what i need is 1st may 1945, 2nd may 1933 etc

I am currently just using .OrderBy("Birthday")

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Try this.....

@inherits umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicNodeContext
@using umbraco.NodeFactory

    var currentMode = umbraco.NodeFactory.Node.GetCurrent();

    Nodes nodes = currentMode.Children;

    var dateList = new List<DateTime>();

    foreach (Node node in nodes)
        DateTime date = Convert.ToDateTime(node.GetProperty("datePick").Value);


    dateList.Sort((a, b) => a.Day.CompareTo(b.Day));

    dateList.Sort((a, b) => a.Month.CompareTo(b.Month));  

    foreach (var date in dateList)
        string Date = String.Format("{0: d MMM yyyy}", @date);


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Would this not work?

.OrderBy("Birthday desc")

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