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What is the equivalent of this RoR code in Slim?

<% Rails.cache.fetch("article") do %>  
     <%= render article %>  
<% end %>

To be more elaborate, I was able to perform caching from a controller by using the following code:

@article = Rails.cache.fetch(Article.find(params[:id]).cache_key) do 
    article = Article.find(params[:id])

I found it is a standard practice to perform caching from Views. I tried various options but I am not able to get the syntax right.

Trial 1. Works if the do part has only RoR code. Breaks on slim code

= Rails.cache.fetch("article") do
    = render article

Trial 2: On a cache hit, nothing is shown.

- Rails.cache.fetch("article") do 

Trial 3: On a cache miss, code is shown twice.

= Rails.cache.fetch("article") do 

So, how do I perform fragment caching from a Ruby view that uses Slim?

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