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I have a java application using JDBI/JDBC/Mysql.

I am trying to run some update statements as a transaction i.e setting autoCommit(false). When i execute the statement JDBI is always returning number of rows affected as 1, even when i expect it to return 0

Here is the code snippet.

DBI dbi = currShardHandle.getDBI();

//Open the connection once for each shard
Handle h = dbi.open();

//set AutoCommit to false to start transaction

List<TransactionQuery> list = shardQueryMap.get(shardId);
for(TransactionQuery query: list) {
    currQuery = query;
    Update u = h.createStatement(query.getQuery());
    log.info("commit(). Query {}",query.getQuery());

    //Bind parameters
    int pos = 0;
    for(Object obj: query.getParams()) {
        if(obj == null)
            u.bindNull(pos++, java.sql.Types.JAVA_OBJECT);
            u.bind(pos++, obj.toString());

    try {

        int count = u.execute();
        log.debug("Rows Modified {} , Rewritten SQL {} ", count, u.getContext().getRewrittenSql());
        rowsModified += count;
    } finally {

SQL inserts that i am running are of type

INSERT into abc (x,y,z ) values (1,2,3) on duplicate key update z=z;

When I run the same query in mysql client, it shows me rows affected as 0.

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I found that there was a bug reported in mysql 5.1. Here is the link for the bug


I added useAffectedRows=true in my JDBC Url and it fixed the issue.

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