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Testing the modules, the AJAX is posting properly in the browser's console.log, and the Node.js/express4 mongoose .save method is saving properly into MongoDB (testing with Postman - REST Client)

For some reason, the AJAX post data has yet to make it to the db, though it accurately logs the data..


    $('#SubmitBtn').click(function() {

        var message = $( "#message" ).val();

        console.log(message); // logs as the "user's message"

        var AjaxPostData = {'message' : message};

        console.log(AjaxPostData);  // logs as [object Object]

          // make an ajax call
            dataType: 'json',
            data: AjaxPostData,
            type: 'post',
                success: foundAllSuccess,
                error: foundAllFailure

        console.log(AjaxPostData.message);  // logs as the "user's message"

Express4 routing:

var router = express.Router();  // an instance of the express Router
var Story = require('./app/models/story');  // load the mongoose model


    // create a story (accessed at POST http://localhost:4200/api/v1/stories)
    .post(function(req, res) {

        var story = new Story();  // create a new instance of the Story model
        story.message = req.body.message;  // set the message, from the request

        console.log(req.body.message); // logs with Postman, yet the ajax post

        // save the story, and check for errors {

            if (err)

            res.json({ message: 'Story "' + story.message + '" Created' });


app.use( '/api/v1', router );  // all of the routes are prefixed
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Could you be more specific about the nature of the error here? When you make the AJAX post is your console.log of req.body.message logging with the appropriate content? Also I suggest using new Story({message: req.body.message}).save(callback) as it's a bit cleaner. Finally, I would remove the inverted commas in your definition of AjaxPostData as they're not necessary as far as I'm aware. – Michael May 5 '14 at 21:54
@Michael the console log of req.body.message is not logging for the ajax post.. thanks for the suggested formatting.. will test it all – StackThis May 5 '14 at 21:58
@Michael revised the formatting to your cleaner suggestion.. console is logging req.body.message with POSTMAN testing, not ajax.. removed the inverted commas too, still no ajax data saving.. any other suggestions? – StackThis May 5 '14 at 22:15

Replace data: AjaxPostData,

With data : JSON.stringify(AjaxPostData), I dont believe the data is being passed correctly and thats why it sends at [Object object]

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Turns out that the ajax click event needed e.preventDefault(); or return false;

$('#SubmitBtn').click(function(e) {


    // do something

$('#SubmitBtn').click(function() {

    //do something

    return false;

Either work in this case..though here's a great post on the differences: event.preventDefault() vs. return false

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