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I'm using ActiveRecord to grab an account value but I just cant get the formatting correct...

Account.all.map { |m| [m.day, m.NetLiquidation] }.unshift(['Day', 'value']).join(",") 

gives me

[["Day", "value"], ["04/09/14", "94465.80"],["04/10/14", "96403.90"]]

What I need is a string like so...

"Day,value\n" + "04/09/14, 97450.57\n" + "04/10/14, 96403.90\n"

I know I'm close, but any ruby wizards know a quick shortcut?

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This should work:

Account.all.map { |m| [m.day, m.NetLiquidation] }.unshift(['Day', 'value']).map(|x| x.join(",")}.flatten.join("\n")
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Not quite there. I'll try to tweak it and get close. –  user3208431 May 6 at 15:10
Thanks TCSGrad. You got me closer. I found a better way, but is it considered sloppy? "\"" + Account.all.map { |m| [m.update_day, m.NetLiquidation] }.unshift(['Day', 'volue']).map{ |x| x.join(", ")}.join("\\n\" + \"").to_s + "\\n\"" –  user3208431 May 6 at 15:42

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