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I am running rails 4.1 with ruby 2.1.1 Previously, I was using a gem called searchlogic for this exact purpose:

games = Game.name_or_platform_like(search_tag)

Where Game is a model in my DB with the name and platform fields, and search tag is search query. And where the expected functionality is to return Games in my db from the search_tag that either match the name or the platform of the game.

I researched a bit and saw meta_search would be deprecated in favor of Ransack, I couldn't seem to find an example of ransack supporting this. I also looked into Thinking Sphinx and watched a railscast on it but I didn't see much there either.

If someone had advice on how I could achieve the same searching power in rails 4.1 (preferably in one line as above), I would be very grateful.

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I guess it's just a matter of convenience, I could do it myself but going from this nice short line of code to something more verbose leaves a bad taste in my mouth. –  Muradin007 May 6 at 12:06

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