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I have a aspxcombobox with ID="comboSubjectCategory", can I get the selected value/text using javascript function? thanks lot...I tried this but it does not works.

function getValue() {
   var combo = document.getElementById('comboSubjectCategory').value;
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The ASPxComboBox is not a simple HTML element. In the browser, it is represented by the ASPxClientComboBox Class. Use its GetValue, GetText or GetSelectedItem methods to obtain the selected value.

You can obtain the ASPxClientComboBox instance by the name assigned to the ClientInstanceName property of the ASPxComboBox control.

See Also: Client-Side Functionality

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thanks, its works, i used "GetText" in javascript function and I also add clientInstantName for my combobox. For example: "comboSubjectCategory" is my clientInstantName and therefore in my javascript function: comboSubjectCategory.GetText; – Hao May 7 '14 at 8:41
var combo = document.getElementById('<%= comboSubjectCategory.ClientID %>');
var val = combo.options[combo.selectedIndex].value;
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this does work. – wazz Mar 15 '15 at 0:24

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