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I downloaded using "wget https://phar.phpunit.de/phpunit.phar" and then tried to run "php phpunit.phar --loader PHPUnit_Runner_StandardTestSuiteLoader". But again would get the Could not use "PHPUnit_Runner_StandardTestSuiteLoader" as loader.. Can I know If there is anything wrong using the command

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In the phpunit.xml file, instead of testSuiteLoaderClass="PHPUnit_Runner_StandardTestSuiteLoader" use testSuiteLoaderFile="/path/to/StandardTestSuiteLoader.php"

Example: testSuiteLoaderFile="phpunit/src/Runner/StandardTestSuiteLoader.php"

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Thank you for your comment! It was very helpful to me! –  Tomasz Kuter Jun 13 at 8:17

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