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I have a django server that serves the basic site with user, auth etc and a twisted web server that 'should' deliver live content as json streams.

Django server is running on

The problem is that when ever I try to make an http request to twisted server from a page in the django site, I get a Security Error. Apparently the same origin policy forbids this sort of communication (???) If that is the case then, are there any alternatives ? Any hints, solution .. Orbited does it successfully, any idea how ?


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A common workaround for this problem is to tunnel those requests through a script that acts as a proxy.

Here is a trivial example...

Php proxy script - proxy.php

echo file_get_contents(urldecode($_REQUEST['requestedUrl']));

Some nice js code that needs to make a request to the twisted server from the django site.

// This remote request can't be made from the browser, lets forward it to the local proxy
var twistedRequestUrl = '';

    url : 'proxy.php?requestedUrl=' + encode(twistedRequestUrl),
    success : function(data)
        alert('yay, the twisted call returned:' + data + ' yay!');
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got the concept. Thanks ! – Code freak Mar 5 '10 at 8:29

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