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I have a bash that should be run in this way:

./script.sh <arg1> <arg2> <arg3>...<argn>

I want to show these args in my bash:

<arg3> <arg4> ... <argn>

So I wrote this bash:

for (( i=1; i<=$#-3; i++ ))
    echo $((3+i))

but it shows me number of args.

How can I put # in order to see my real args?


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You can store all arguments in a BASH array and then use them for processing later:

args=( "$@" )
for (( i=2; i<${#args[@]}; i++ ))
    echo "arg # $((i+1)) :: ${args[$i]}"
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If you want to show arguments starting from arg3, you can simply use

echo "${@:3}" # OR
printf "%s\n" "${@:3}"

If you really want to show argument indices, use

for (( i=3; i < $#; i++)); do 
    echo $i
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Your answer is on of the best really but in my thread no result... –  MortezaLSC May 6 at 10:03

A minimal solution that displays the desired arguments without the math:

shift 2
for word
  echo ${word} 
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I prefer @anubhava's solution of storing the arguments in an array, but to make your original code work, you could use eval:

for ((i=1;i<=$#;i++)); do
    eval echo "\$$i"
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please edit your answer in my form..than you –  MortezaLSC May 6 at 8:19
Do you mean with a C-style for loop? –  Josh Jolly May 6 at 8:20
with c style and and -3 that I wrote..thank you, my problem is: echo $((3+i)) –  MortezaLSC May 6 at 8:21
echo ${!i} is a much better method of performing indirect parameter expansion in bash than using eval. –  chepner May 6 at 14:36

After your all good answers I found this solution that works well for my thread:

ARG=( $(echo "${@:3}") )
for (( i=1; i<=$#-3; i++ ))
    echo ${ARG[i]}
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There's no need to post a separate answer if you accept another. –  chepner May 6 at 14:36
this is a good answer..and also for knowing guys I put it –  MortezaLSC May 6 at 16:30

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