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I am writing a perl code to upload code from a repro to a directory(jsvn update . a shell comand in my case) . I wanted that while the check in is going on, the result should display in stdout ('jsvn update .' does show that but i have to keep on looking at the monitor in case of any error and incase of error i have to give a clean up and start the process again.) I wrote a program for that, but it doesnot displays output to screen. The cursor keeps blinking and i know the process is going on background, but i want to have the results also displayed to stdout. Please help me.


use Capture::Tiny qw/tee/;

sub code(){

`jsvn cleanup .`;

($stdout, $stderr, @result) = tee { system( "jsvn update ." ) };

print "@result\n";





print "The checkout has been done successfully \n";

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use IPC::System::Simple qw[ capture ]; instead: my @result = capture('jsvn update .'); –  Filippo Lauria May 6 at 9:19
But there are lot of exit values for this jsvn , i am to figure out, almost around 50. So i wanted that in case of any error, the process to start all over again.IPC::System::Simple module needs the error codes to be pre-defined to handle those gracefully or the program dies. –  may May 6 at 9:31

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If you wanna use IPC::System::Simple you could grab exit values through $EXITVAL doing something like this:

use IPC::System::Simple qw[capture $EXITVAL];
use feature qw[switch];
my @result = capture('jsvn update .');

given ($EXITVAL) {
  when (0) {
    print "Ok\n";

  when (1) {

  when (N) {

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Thanks Mr.Filippo :) Yes this .pm is helpful... Now writing the code fpr capturing the exit value. Thanks again for your time on this. –  may May 7 at 4:08

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