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Hi this is my first Question :)

I need a lib or way to compress a data in (vb) with the algorit deflate but the result inflate in javascript.

I'm use a lib in javascript: deflate.js hxxp://

First i'm deflate and convert to base64 the result but the result is no compatible with the javascript lib.

i'm use the Chilkat .NET DLL hxxp://

The String result with this lib is compatible with the javascript libray but is not free.

I need a way to compress data in and uncompress in javascript. This is for my web aplication need to download many many data.

P.D.: Sorry for my english :)

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Instead of programming your custom solution, couldn't you simply enable HTTP compression on your web server? That way, compression/decompression would be automatically handled by the webserver and browser and your data is sent gzipped over the wire.

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thanks. but the application is not mine is the company where I work and I only have access to the pages that they send me to do. By company policies nothing more I can edit the pages that I do, so she sought a solution that does not depend on global.asax or not covering the entire site because I do not have access to the entire site. –  OM1978 Feb 28 '10 at 14:31

Update of my post here is at:


I use DEFLATE encoder and decoder implementation in Javascript at

I use Google's V8 Javascript engine ( url ) on server side to run Javascript code which I run on client side in web browser.

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