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I am trying to create a databound WPF GridView whose rows can either be read-only or editable (by double-clicking or through a context menu). I would like for the row to return to a read-only state if any of its editable controls loses focus. The functionality I am looking for is very similar to this example but with an entire row being editted simultaneously (rather than a single cell). Does anyone know how to implement this?

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With the ListView + GridView control il quite complex because this control "thinks in column" so you have to create a template for every column and switch the read-only template with edit template (for every cell). I suggest you to take a look a the xceed DataGrid. It's free and it implements the edit functionality in a simpler way (you can find info here:

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800 dollars doesn't look free to me. – Anthony Potts Dec 17 '09 at 22:03
The post is quite old. Now xceed don't offer the grid for free anymore. Last year there was a free edition. Now you could use the WpfToolkit ( that include a DataGrid. – ema Dec 18 '09 at 7:42

there is also the "official" wpf datagrid from microsoft at codeplex :

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The latest WPF has its own DataGrid.

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