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I am printing some php data into a field on my page. The data is json_encoded by the backend.

Now i want to retrieve this information and turn it into a javascript object...

        var rel = $(this).attr('rel');
        var td_id = 'info-'+rel;
        var data = $('#'+td_id).html();


now data is correctly console logging my "object" like this:

Now the question is how do i turn this html into a actual javascript object... I've tried to use jQuery.parseHtml, and some other things google advised but no luck... would i need a script or is there something like that out there?

Thanks in advance!

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api.jquery.com/jquery.getjson –  KA_lin May 6 at 11:38

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If you want use Jquery:

var json = $.parseJSON(data)


var obj = JSON.parse(data);
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wow okay, i feel stupid now :) thanks! –  Tobias Hagenbeek May 6 at 11:51

I think this better to print out JSON String in javascipt.

    var data = <?php echo $json ?>;

Which makes :

    var data = {"data":{"id":"1","data1":"1","data2":"2"},{"id":"2","data1":"3","data2":"4"}};

But if you insist on your way, use JSON.parse(jsonString).

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lol thanks for the reply, but i don't have the specific data object available to me, it is assigned and then read... so there is no "new" backend call to refresh the object in this way –  Tobias Hagenbeek May 6 at 11:54
I answered because you said "The data is json_encoded by the backend.". However ... ;) :D –  Mohebifar May 6 at 11:56

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