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I am wondering if I can open the attachment which is attached to the father heading in agenda view. I think it will be very convenient to open as the way above. I really do not want to attach the same file to all of the subheadings.

I have turned on the inheritance of the properties, but it seems like that the subheadings does not inherit the attachment properties.

Is there anyway to solve this problems?

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About my question, I finally found the solution which offered by org-attach.

Pressing C-c C-a in your father heading, you will see a list of org-attach options. At the bottom, the i command gives the function that is described as:

Make children of the current entry inherit its attachment directory.

After pressing i, everything will work.


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Property inheritance is not on by default, you need to enable if for specific properties.

If you set org-use-property-inheritance is to t, then "every property is inherited" as stated by the doc string. If not, that's a bug you should report.

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