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I want to develop an customer mangement application (store customers, documents, ...) for a specific line of business. And I would do this web based (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, ...) But I don't know if it's the right way, or if a desktop app would be better? I mean both of them have pros and cons but for me the pros of a web app are more/better, e.g.:

  • cross platform (pc, mac, ipad)
  • customer can access his data from everywhere

My and I think also some customer's doubt is that all these informations and data is stored on a web server. But I think some many companies have web apps now also with very much personal data.

So basicly my question is would u do such a project as web app? I have done a lot of web apps and also experience with some frameworks especially laravel, and for desktop development I have only experience with C#.

I hope someone can help me to make a decision.


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create it as a web service, sell it as an access to service and start counting profit, present applications are web based ( out-crossing ) mostly, starting from HR , finance so marketing as well ( look at Microsoft's Dynamic ) –  greko May 6 at 12:06

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