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I am interested in building a system application for Android which can globally listen to all EditText on focus change event, somehow I am gonna provide certain service when the user gain focus on any EditText.

I have successfully downloaded AOSP(Android Open Source Project) and I want to start writing my app as system application.

My question is can I do that as a system application "listening to global events" ?

if possible what are they areas I need to dig up to learn more about gaining such a privilege.

Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated.

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I suggest you start by looking at class which basically has the basic building block for user interface component.


and lookup the method onFocusChanged if you are only interested in EditText add the following line

 if (this instanceof EditText) {
      Toast.makeText(getContext(), "focus gained!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); 

build again and you will see toast notification everytime you gain focus to any EditText around the OS

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