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I'm currently deploying Traffic manager in front of our Cloud services in order to support a failover scenario.

My question is: How could I support having worker roles in a "deactivated" and "activated" state, depending on the traffic managers traffic redirection?

We have Cloud services in North Europe and I want a failover setup in West Europe. However I don't want the worker roles to hit the SQL and data located in North Europe (queues, SQL, etc), before the Traffic manager points traffic to West Europe.

How could I achieve this?

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Could you clarify your question? Which worker roles (NE or WE) you don't want to hit the database in NE? –  dud5 May 17 at 15:26
Basically all roles not pointed to by the traffic manager.. When the traffic starts hitting my WE datacenter, I would like for all roles in WE to hit "play", but otherwise stay in a "pause" state. Makes sense? –  clausndk May 17 at 18:38

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