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I have a histogram of my data: h is a 1-d array of counts x is a 1-d array of bin values

Now if I do: sns.kdeplot(h, shade=True);

I get a plot where x-axis goes from -20 to 100, which has nothing to do with my original x data. How do I get the x-axis scaled to match my data?

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What version are you using? This sounds like a bug in 0.3.0 that was fixed in 0.3.1. –  mwaskom May 6 '14 at 16:37

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I see I misunderstood the input to kde. It wants the original values. I had already created a histogram and wanted to feed that to kde.

In my histogram I have h.buckets, and h.results. I did

def hist_to_values (hist):
    ret = []
    for x,y in zip (hist.buckets, h.results):
        ret.extend ([x] * y)
    return np.array (ret)

Then feed this to kde, and I got the results I expect.

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