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Is there any consistent way to extract tables from PDF files? Any tools?

I have tried out pdftotext tool. It has an option to convert to html layout. But table information is not preserved there(expected table tags but everything was under p tag).

Will there be any markers in pdf document to indicate table structure like table tr td in html? If yes any pointers to this helpful

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If the PDF document misses information that marks content as table, row, cell, etc. (known as tags), then there is no consistent way to extract tables from the PDF document. Mostly, PDF documents do not contain these tags. These tags typically serve to make a PDF accessible so that it can for example be read aloud. These tags are not required for a PDF to be valid.

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What you could do however, is use the pdftotext -layout input.pdf output.txt. It prints the pdf in a text file and contains the original layout. There are no tags, but with a bit of nifty scripting (perl / php / whatever), you can recover the data from the tables.

If you're working on a single page, you're probably better off doing it manually, but if you (like me) have to work on 100's or 1000's of pages, it's about the best you can get. I've been looking around for a long time and can't find any better pdf-2-text tool than pdftotext.

There is a bit of inconsistency in the output, not all similar pdf tables produce a similar looking txt output, but that makes your scripting a little more interesting.

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Thanks for reply. I am currently using pdftotext itself. But I have to extract information from pdf which follow variety of layouts (single, two column). I dont think i can write a script which can be applied to all different formats i get. But pdfgenie pdftron.com/pdfgenie is doing a great job. It is extracting tables properly. –  Rajneesh Jun 9 at 9:14
But pdfgenie is paid though :( –  Rajneesh Jun 9 at 9:14
pdftotext with -layout option helped a lot. Thanks. –  dlink Oct 20 at 20:39

Might be helpful to solve the extraction problem: http://tabula.nerdpower.org/ however, it's a point and click tool.

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