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I could use some advice.

I'm building a website in which the general user needs to be able to transfer files to the site administrator. It could be done one of two ways:

1] Some kind of web based interface - PHP perhaps - to send files to the FTP. I've done some Googling but have yet to come up with anything concrete that works. I've considered using an Applet but I need something free. Also, it seems to me that people are hesitant to give Applets permission to run in their browser.

2] Some kind of file transfer service. I've looked at services like Megaupload but using a free account, the files are public and that will not work. I need something that a user could use to send a file to the administrator who could pick it up later.

If anyone has some suggestions, it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You can do file upload via http if you have enough space (which I assume since you also have access to a ftp server). See here for more information.

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The tricky spot is that I need to distinguish between unique users without maintaining a database or something like SSL. That page you linked to says "This script is for education purposes only. We do not recommend placing this on a web page viewable to the public." This is a public website and there are definitely security concerns that the owner of the site doesn't want to deal with. –  user282894 Feb 28 '10 at 1:13

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