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For a given matrix Z and assuming the first column refers to index values, is it possible to find the mean of Z(:,2:3) based on the index values in the first column Z(:,1).

Z  =  [1    3    4
       2    7    8
       1    3    9
       3    4    4
       1    5    7]

So how can I loop over Z to find the mean of corresponding rows with index value 1 (in the first column) i.e finding the mean of Z1

Z1  =    3  4
         3  9
         5  7

Please can anyone help by explaining how to do this?

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This should do the trick:

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Your right, I added a second mean. Thanks –  Ghaul May 6 at 13:58
Thanks so much Ghaul! I actually managed to solve my problem without the second mean. –  Amara May 9 at 15:28

How about:

mean([accumarray(Z(:,1), Z(:,2),[],@mean), accumarray(Z(:,1), Z(:,3),[],@mean)]')'

It gives you the mean corresponding to each number. i.e. row one of the result is the mean for rows corresponding to 1, row two is for 2 etc

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Thanks for teaching me 'accumarray()', that's a pretty nice solution –  Ghaul May 6 at 14:08

Bsxfun appproach -

Zc = [Z(:,1) mean(Z(:,[2 3]),2)]

ind1 = bsxfun(@eq,Zc(:,1),min(Zc(:,1)):max(Zc(:,1)))
mean_values = sum(bsxfun(@times,ind1,Zc(:,2)))./sum(ind1,1)

Output -

mean_values =
    5.1667    7.5000    4.0000
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To do that for every index in column 1, all at once:

>> accumarray(repmat(Z(:,1),size(Z,2)-1,1), reshape(Z(:,2:3),[],1), [], @mean)
ans =
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+1 for scalability. –  Divakar May 6 at 15:49

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