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Im trying for the first time to use Bitbucket togheter with SourceTree when building a WordPress site. Where working in a group of six people so I would really like to use the power of these services.

Right now im following this guide when trying to accomplish this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx_XfziaHvo

I've also looked at several other guides and all of them say that i should base my WordPress site on markjaquith's WordPress-Skeleton base. https://github.com/markjaquith/WordPress-Skeleton

The problem I've encountered is that when i start my Respository on BitBucket it does not import the folder "wp". Everything else is included but the folder "wp". Therefore I can't install WordPress. It's missing a massive amount of vital files.

After searching the internet and stackoverflow i can't seem to find a solution or any one else with the same problem! What am I doing wrong?

I've also tried importing the WordPress-Skeleton git directly in SourceTree but no luck there either.

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This is a silly question, but did you check your .gitignore file?

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Check it for what? .gitignore is included among the imported files, yes. But should this affect if the "wp" folder is downloaded? –  user3608578 May 6 at 14:21
It's possible that, in the .gitignore file, there's a line telling the git process not to import the WP directory into the repo. –  Steven Britton May 6 at 14:24
After looking at the WordPress Skeleton documentation on github, it appears you won't need the wp directory in your repo since it's using a a Git submodule for the WP files. As such, your template files would be stored in the content directory.WordPress Skeleton documentation –  Steven Britton May 6 at 14:30
Ahh yeah i see. The problem is when I try to install WP localy later. The installation can't find the index.php. Is it possible that the ".gitmodules" is wrong? [submodule "wp"] path = wp url = git://github.com/WordPress/WordPress.git Cause this must be the file fetching thte submodule? –  user3608578 May 6 at 14:58
I would give this a shot: open a command line in the project directory git submodule update Submodule 'wp' (git://github.com/WordPress/WordPress.git) registered for path 'wp' This should pull the code from the registered submodule. –  Steven Britton May 6 at 15:23

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