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Scenario - I need to access an HTML template to generate a e-mail from my Business Logic Layer. It is a class library contains a sub folder that contains the file. When I tried the following code in a unit test:

string FilePath = string.Format(@"{0}\templates\MyFile.htm", Environment.CurrentDirectory);
string FilePath1 = string.Format(@"{0}\templates\MyFile.htm", System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory);

It was using the C:\WINNT\system32\ or the ASP.NET Temporary Folder directory.

What is the best to access this file without having to use an app.config or web.config file?

[This is using a WCF Service]

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I ended up storing the file path in the web.config file. – Michael Kniskern Nov 5 '08 at 22:44

You're running this from an ASP.Net app right? Use Server.MapPath() instead.

Also take a look at System.IO.Path.Combine() for concatenating paths.

[Edit] Since you can't use System.Web, try this:


Or GetEntryAssembly().

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It is being used by a WCF Service. – Michael Kniskern Oct 24 '08 at 19:36
Hmm, my WCF experience is very limited, do you have access to the Server property? There should be something similar regardless. – swilliams Oct 24 '08 at 19:38
No, unless I add the System.Web namespace reference – Michael Kniskern Oct 24 '08 at 19:49

I belive you are looking for

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This will only work with the System.Windows.Form namespace. I am using a class library – Michael Kniskern Oct 24 '08 at 23:37

I got this working on my site! I haven't been working on just this for the last 2 years!!!

I added this inside my system.serviceModel block of the web.config. It seems to make all the paths relative to where your service is installed.

<serviceHostingEnvironment aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true">

better late than never?

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System.Web.HttpServerUtility.MapPath( "~/templates/myfile.htm" )
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This is actually implemented in a class library file that is reference within the WCF Service. I can not use any System.Web because it is not an ASP.NET application – Michael Kniskern Oct 24 '08 at 20:02
Just because it's an ASP.NET application doesn't mean you can't use System.Web – John Sheehan - Runscope Oct 24 '08 at 20:23

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