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I made the basic OpenCL example in "OpenCL Programming Guide for Mac" (rev. 2013-08-08). It worked perfect. Then I replaced and added my own code (for optical calcs) but then it crashes, the debugger show "gcl_log_cl_fatal(err, "Executing calculate failed");". After some experimentation I now know where the crash happens, It happens inside the kernel in the following lines of code,

float M = angle[i];
float K = sqrt(1.0f - M*M);  // program crashes

Some experimentations with these lines of code gives various results


float M = angle[i];
float K = sqrt(M*M);  // works perfect


float M = angle[i];
float MM = 1.0f - M*M;   // program crash
float K = sqrt(MM);


float M = angle[i];
float MM = M*M;
float K = sqrt(1.0f - MM);  // works perfect

It seems that when there is more than 2 operands per line, in the kernel code, it crashes. Probably not a hardware issue because APPLE's NBody-demo works (I have a ATI 4850; Xcode 5.1; osx 10.9). I using the recommended libraries with no extra libraries and I have checked the Build-Settings. Making the program with 2-opernd statements works but is ugly, and i don't understand what happening.

Tommy Landberg, Stockholm, Sweden

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Apple's Opencl implementation is poor, I think this is likely a bug in their compiler. –  DarkZeros May 6 '14 at 14:56
Could you please give the value returned on "err" by the OpenCL API? Not the hardcoded message. You could also provided the kernel buildlog, that would be helpful. –  DarkZeros May 6 '14 at 16:32
Hey Tommy, can you try compiling the code without optimizations? When using clBuildProgram, pass "-cl-opt-disable" and see if that works. If so, when at least you know it is a bug with their optimization routine and you can write code while getting another system up. –  Austin May 6 '14 at 17:13
Is M^2 ever > 1.0f? If so, you're taking the square root of a negative. –  Dithermaster May 7 '14 at 14:17
Thanks for your comments. The problem is related to Apple's gcl. The program works fine when using the standard OpenCL functions. It is not a negative square root issue (sharp-sighted Ditermaster:) and it is not related to optimization. Unfortunately i am not skilled enough get a good buildlog-file with gcl. But the error happens when compiling the dispatch-queue block. Tommy –  Tommy Landberg May 16 '14 at 14:17

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