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I couldn't find any example/article about working with inline variables in cql.

Basically my structure is like this;

1 Keyspace(x)
2 Tables (a,b)

I have to select result from x.a to code first and then send them to x.b

As you can see i have to go CAS 2 times. But i can do it with single query.

any way to declare and work with inline variables?

thanks already.

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You don't say what client driver you are using, but any modern CQL driver should support Bound Statements, which is how you would paramaterize your queries.

You can't do a dependent query like that on two tables in a single round trip. The second one will have to be executed by your client code after you get the result from the first.

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Missing parts from me: I'm using cassandraSharp v4 for C# in VS. Just checked the CQL Documentation and changed my structure. Everything works well from now on. Thanks for your quick reply! :) –  fle. May 8 at 8:20

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