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I have function


I want to create a loop so that x_i is generated every, let's say, 1/10th of a second, for 10 seconds, so I can plot the x vs. t and y vs. t graphs. I am very new to MATLAB, so please help! Thank you!

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Why does it matter what time the sample was generated at? Just generate (1/10)*10=1000 samples and plot them. –  Raab70 May 6 at 16:01
@Raab70, thank you that actually is true. But assuming that instead the functions are: x_i=(x_i-1)*normrnd(0,sigma); y_i=(y_i-1)*normrnd(0,sigma); where sigma is a function of time, how would you do it? Thank you –  Nitsorn Wongsajjathiti May 6 at 16:25
normrnd(0,1,1000,2) will generate two columns of 1000 data points. I'm not sure what your scaling factor or x_i-1 means though. Does this imply that you want each sample to be dependant on the previous sample, ie x(i-1)? This would be slightly different. –  Raab70 May 6 at 16:28
@Raab70, yes I believe so. Actually, I am having trouble simply generating 1000 samples and plot them (in response to your first comment, with sigma =1). Can you guide me quickly on how to do so?THank you –  Nitsorn Wongsajjathiti May 6 at 16:40
If you have xy=normrnd(0,1,1000,2); then you can plot them with scatter(xy(:,1),xy(:,2)) –  Raab70 May 6 at 17:11

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