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This doesn't work:

INSERT INTO users (username, password) VALUES ("Jack","123") WHERE id='1';

Any ideas how to narrow insertion to a particular row by id?

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In an insert statement you wouldn't have an existing row to do a where claues on? You are inserting a new row, did you mean to do an update statment?

update users set username='JACK' and password='123' WHERE id='1';
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"you wouldn't have an existing row to do a where claues on?" Perfect answer. –  Dan Carter Aug 16 '13 at 20:10

Try this:

Update users
Set username = 'Jack', password='123'
Where ID = '1'

Or if you're actually trying to insert:

Insert Into users (id, username, password) VALUES ('1', 'Jack','123');
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I think you are looking for UPDATE and not insert?

UPDATE `users`
SET `username` = 'Jack', `password` = '123'
WHERE `id` = 1
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INSERT INTO users (id,username, password) 
VALUES ('1','Jack','123')
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE username='Jack',password='123'

This will work only if the id field is unique/pk (not composite PK though) Also, this will insert if no id of value 1 is found and update otherwise the record with id 1 if it does exists.

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