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I am trying to change only the 'main/contents' part of my webpage, and leave the header, navbar, and footer 'static', as they are common to every page.

This works just fine on the first nav-button click. But the second does not respond (though the change in $currentPage is reflected when printed to the console). After numerous clicks, a secondary div-content-change will take place, but not one corresponding to the last button clicked.

I'm really hoping I can get a hand with this, as it seems like something that should be very do-able.

Here's my index:

  <!DOCTYPE html>
     <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
     <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
     <link rel="stylesheet" href="./NV_home.css">
     <script src=""></script>
     <script src="./scripts/navScript.js"></script>
     <script src=""></script>

  <!-- COURSES page -->
  <div data-role="page" id="noteVote">
     <div data-role="header" align="middle" class="header">
        <img src="images/banner_post_it.png" align="middle" alt="Banner Image" height="100" width="250"/>
        <!-- This is the Navbar -->
        <div data-role="navbar" data-grid="c" id="navBar">
              <li><a class="ui-btn" id="coursesButton">Courses</a></li>
              <li><a class="ui-btn" id="searchButton">Search</a></li>
              <li><a class="ui-btn" id="submitButton">Submit</a></li>
              <li><a class="ui-btn" id="accountButton">Account</a></li>

     <!-- This is the MAIN section -->
     <div data-role="content" class="ui-content" id="coursesContent">

     <!-- FOOTER -->
     <div data-role="footer" class="footer">
        You are not logged in!
  <!-- /COURSES -->

  <!-- SEARCH -->
  <div data-role="page" id="search">

     <!-- This is the MAIN section -->
     <div data-role="content" class="ui-content" id="searchContent">
        <h1>Search Section</h1>

  </div> <!-- /search -->

  <!-- SUBMIT -->
  <div data-role="page" id="submit">

     <div data-role="content" class="ui-content" id="submitContent">

  </div> <!-- /submit -->

  <!-- ACCOUNT -->
  <div data-role="page" id="account">

     <div data-role="content" class="ui-content" id="accountContent">

  <!-- /Account -->

My script:

     $currentPage = "#coursesContent";   // Holds the current page.

     // Function for Courses button


        $currentPage = "#coursesContent";

     // Function for the Search Button in nav bar.


       //Sets  current page to Search Content (search page)
       $currentPage = "#searchContent";


     // Function for Submit button.


        $currentPage = "#submitContent";


     // Function for Account button


        $currentPage = "#accountContent";


Is there some way I can call the script to re-load on every button-click? It seems like the variable is changing, but the contents refresh isn't taking place.

Many thanks to any help.

Also, any suggestions on other means to implement this are very welcome.


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Just to clarify - you are basically trying to build a one-page navigation bar? So, on click, it will load new content with having to refresh the page? – armadadrive May 6 '14 at 16:34
Yes! Exactly. My research has lead me to believe this is the best way to accomplish it. After spending a number of hours trying to implement it, I am starting to have my doubts. But yes; one-page navigation bar (and footer), so that the main contents is the only thing changing/refreshing. – OscuroAA May 6 '14 at 16:38
Where is the content coming from? I don't see it being loaded, I mostly see IDs being swapped from variable to variable. – armadadrive May 6 '14 at 16:39
Sorry I think I see it now - you are trying to load the info from the DIVs into your main DIV? Are they hidden otherwise? – armadadrive May 6 '14 at 16:42
I do not believe they are hidden; but they do not show up on the page. The $currentPage is trying to keep track of which <div> the content is currently at, so that it can replace the current page with the corresponding-contents of the button clicked. I am trying to swap the contents of one <div> with that of another, by referencing their id's... – OscuroAA May 6 '14 at 16:43
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A simple one-page navigation script I often use looks like this:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $("#coursesButton").on("click", function(e) {

    $("#accountButton").on("click", function(e) {
    //... etc.

Use as many of these blocks as you have menu items.

Basically, repeat and then /snippets/courses.html is changed to /snippets/account.html, etc. Keep your extra HTML files in the snippets folder (or however you'd like to arrange it).

The constant is the <div> with an ID of #mainContent. This way, you are simply swapping in/out the contents of that main DIV without having to keep other elements in the document when they aren't in use.

There may be a more elegant way to do this using $(this) and matching snippet filenames to the button's ID, but the above method should work in a way that's a bit easier to understand than what you're currently doing.

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