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I have what I thought would be simple Sharepoint Designer workflow that is getting stuck when it hits the line containing a "Wait for Field Change in Current Item" action.

I'm setting up a Leave Without Pay Request system that basically involves:

  1. The user makes the request (which is what kicks off the workflow).
  2. Email gets sent to supervisor asking for approval (working).
  3. When the supervisor makes a decision (When the 1st level complete check box changes) emails either get sent back to the recipient for denial or on to a second supervisor for the same routine).

I have tried the "Wait for Event in List Item" (Event:when an item is changed|current list) and this works fine until more than one request is submitted.

I've seen a Lynda tutorial that demonstrates exactly what I want to do here: http://www.lynda.com/SharePoint-tutorials/Creating-workflow-using-Wait-Field-Change-action/144025/161219-4.html but for some reason I'm not getting the workflow to resume when that field is changed like it does for them.

As a newbie to Sharepoint, I've run out of ideas to try and get this functioning.

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