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so I am writing a high-level unit test in ASP.NET MVC 4 using autofac.

So I have a sample controller:

    public class SomeController
        public ActionResult SomeAction()

And I can write a sample test:

    public void Test()
        var controller = new SomeController();
        var result = controller.SomeAction();
        // Asserts go here

That all works great, provided I fake out all external dependencies. However, there is also some code that is attached via filter attribute that I would like to run (it is important to this test, and I do not want to just test it in isolation).

This code would be executed when run within the application, but it would not be executed if run within the test. It does not matter if I new up controller manually, or retrieve it using DependencyResolver as:

var someController = DependencyResolver.Current.GetService<SomeController>();

This is obviously because during normal run-time the framework creates and attaches those filters properly.

So the question is - how could I duplicate this behavior in the test and have those action filters executed?

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Here is a similar answer to your question. [stackoverflow.com/questions/8508190/… [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/8508190/… –  Aram May 6 at 18:12
Thanks, as I mentioned though, I do not want to test the action filter in isolation –  Sebastian K May 6 at 19:22

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