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I have a problem to catch util.JDBCExceptionReporter during save(). Code:

  membership.withTransaction { status ->
    def membership = membership.findByUserId(userId)
      membership = new membership(userId: userId, email: userEmail, baseLevel: membership.findByName(membershipName.MEMBER)).save(flush: true)
  }catch(org.springframework.dao.DataIntegrityViolationException e){
    return false
    println "Insert Membership Exception.\n User Id: $userId\n " + e

When I create two thread to run this code, it throw a error:

2014-05-06 12:53:07,034 [Actor Thread 5] ERROR util.JDBCExceptionReporter  - Duplicate entry '' for key 'email'

I don't want to show this error every time when their has two threads doing the same insert, because the first thread will go through and insert successfully, so I don't really care about second one.

My question is how to catch util.JDBCExceptionReporter?


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As lsidroGH said, util.JDBCExceptionReporter is not an exception, it's a log message. It logs both SQLExceptions and SQLWarnings. There is no problem with your code, as one thread will have a save() call that returns true and the other thread's save() will get false.

If you don't want this message to show up in your logs, you will need to increase your log level for org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter from ERROR to FATAL but this will potentially exclude valid exceptions you would want logged. Your best bet is to ignore it, as your code works.

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Just guessing:

By default Grails doesn't throw exceptions when saving. To throw integrity exceptions you have to use save(failOnError: true).

So in this case, it's just an internal trace (util.JDBCExceptionReporter is not an exception).

In your case, instead of capturing exceptions I'd use validate before saving so you can get the integrity errors before trying to save.

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I think validation doesn't work when there has two thread trying to insert in the same time, I tried to use if(membership.validate()){ true, validate: true)} but still no luck. – Jay Chen May 6 '14 at 17:37

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