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I started working on a program to basically go to specific image sites, take information, format it, and then present it. Everything was working until I started working on the same thing upon a different website that uses HTML 5 as opposed to HTML 4.

The tag in question uses the new section tag, if someone could tell me how to take information from that using getElementById I would be set. Otherwise here is my issue.

Since it didn't support HTML 5 I decided to select the main 'DIV' tag that included everything as opposed to the more specific tag.

Set htm = CreateObject("htmlFile")

With CreateObject("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
    .Open "GET", link, False
    htm.body.innerHTML = .responseText
End With

Dim sDD As HTMLDocument
Set sDD = htm.getElementById(Protocol)

Test = sDD.innerText
Test2 = sDD.innerHTML

MsgBox (TypeName(Test))
MsgBox (TypeName(Test2))
MsgBox (Test)
MsgBox (Test2)

That easily gets what I need in every other situation, and it gets everything from the 'DIV' tag, but here is what I've done in an attempt to get more specific info.

Dim sDD As HTMLDocument
Set sDD = htm.getElementById(Protocol)

Test2 = sDD.innerHTML

Test3 = Test2.getElementsByTagName("UL")(2).innerText

Which obviously doesn't work due to the fact that it works upon the HTML principle, and Test2 isn't set up that way. But Test2 contains HTML code from an entire DIV, so what I want to know is.. Is there a way to get tags from that HTML code, or is there a way to strip info from a 'Section' tag?


Some source HTML from the website in question.

  <section id="tag-list">
      <li class="category-3">
        <a class="wiki-link" href="/wiki_pages/show_or_new?title=original">?</a> 
        <a class="search-tag" href="/posts?tags=original">original</a> 
        <span class="post-count">165k</span>
      <li class="category-1">
        <a class="wiki-link" href="/artists/show_or_new?name=tennouji_masamichi">?</a> 
        <a class="search-tag" href="/posts?tags=tennouji_masamichi">tennouji masamichi</a> 
        <span class="post-count">59</span>
       <li class="category-0"><a class="wiki-link" href="/wiki_pages/show_or_new?title=1girl">?</a> <a class="search-tag" href="/posts?tags=1girl">1girl</a><span class="post-count">1061k</span> </li>
       <li class="category-0"><a class="wiki-link" href="/wiki_pages/show_or_new?title=absurdres">?</a><a class="search-tag" href="/posts?tags=absurdres">absurdres</a> <span class="post-count">85k</span></li>

? arena (company) 128 ? blue hair 163k ? highres 443k ? one-piece swimsuit 23k ? red eyes 240k ? short hair 437k ? solo 909k ? swimsuit 83k

That is the stuff I actually 'need' to have for the program to work, and it is included in the HTML code that is ripped out from the 'DIV' tag.

Note: Sorry for the messy source code, that is a result of the site's bad coding format.

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You need to show some actual source HTML –  Tim Williams May 6 '14 at 17:50
Some HTML has been tossed on there, but the actual stuff I'm getting is far too large to fit on the page, without massive amounts of editing and most of it wouldn't actually be needed anyways for coding purposes. –  user2994429 May 6 '14 at 17:56
What happens whern you try htm.getElementById("tag-list") ? Try declaring sDD as object - HTMLDocument is the wrong Type. –  Tim Williams May 6 '14 at 18:06
I'll go ahead and try that, and when I try htm.getElementById it doesn't copy anything.. It's like it cannot recognize the format of the tag or something, I did some tests and I wasn't able to get it work. –  user2994429 May 6 '14 at 18:22
I found this (…) which I thought might be relevant, but setting the specified key didn't change the behavior: <section> elements are still not recognized. –  Tim Williams May 6 '14 at 18:51

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