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I am using the R package "beanplot" (documentation can be found in this paper and on CRAN).

I am plotting several beans on one graph, and I have two categories within each bean ('correctly predicted' and 'overpredicted'), so I am making asymmetrical beans. I got this done, but my problem is that the beanplot package seems to automatically scale each side of the bean to have equal area to each other. I don't want this, instead I'd like each side of the bean to scale to 'count' i.e. the number of observation in each category.

Below is the code for making the beanplot graph I have so far:


beanplot(ProportionLogged~Trial, data=Trials, ll=0.03, bw=3, side='both',
     what=c(1,1,1,0), border = NA, main="beanplot", log="", scale='count',
     ylab="Proportion of 2km hexagon logged", col = list("black", c("grey", "white")))

The data format is a 2-column CSV with a 'Trial' column (which specifies trial and one of the two categories), and a 'ProportionLogged" column (which is the value whose density is being plotted in each bean)

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