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I have a CC.NET project configured to call a common NAnt build file, which does some stuff, and then calls a child NAnt build file. The child build file name is specified by CC.NET to the command build file using a property.

The hurdle that I am trying to get over is that the common build file log gets overwritten by the child build file log, so I don't get the common build log in the CC.NET build log.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

I thought about changing the child build's log, but reading up on the NAnt <nant> task doesn't allow me to change the child's output log.

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People, please use the comments for comments, don't comment in an answer. The answer is supposed to provide (a large % of) the solution, not a request for more info. –  Johan Sep 5 '11 at 9:13

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Use the nant task, so you get one single build file.

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Is there any way that you could include the child nant file as opposed to executing it as a full-fledged child nant project? This would prevent the overwrite, but not sure if it's possible in your situation.

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