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I'm trying to load parameters of Gnuplot from configuration file using bash script and plotting data. The point of this problem is access to these parameters. This is my attempt of solution, but some errors occured.

gnuplot << EOF
do for [val in values] {
val=sprinf("%s", j)
set $val

I got this output:

gnuplot> do for [j in values] {
         line 0: invalid complex constant
         line 0: undefined variable: j
gnuplot> set 
         line 0: Unrecognized option.  See 'help set'.
gnuplot> }
         line 0: invalid character }

I'm sure, I have multiple strings inside of params array. Thanks

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UPDATE: I've tried "set val" too. – Majzlik May 6 '14 at 19:56
Is there any reason for doing it this way and not having a configuration file and loading it with load ''? – Christoph May 6 '14 at 20:29
Yes, it's my task, I've got structure of configuration file (for Gnuplot and other stuff) and I'm creating a script to handle this file. Actually, it's not my code, I found it here at stackexchange but it made sence for me, so I used it. – Majzlik May 6 '14 at 23:11

Your gnuplot version is too old. The iteration structure do for is supported only since version 4.6.

Then, the following works fine:


gnuplot -persist << EOF
do for [val in values] {
    eval('set '.val)
plot x

But that works only, if the array entries don't contain any white spaces. Usually, you would create a configuration file with the content

set grid
set xrange [0:10]

and load this with load ''.

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