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Mailitem Move Error When Moving Message to a Different Folder in Outlook Using

I keep running into an error in Outlook when trying to move MailItems using Outlook Com Interop in I'm not having any issues accessing the messages, reading them, or getting the related folders, it's just that I get this error when trying to move messages intermittently.

Here is the error message reported by the application:

 `System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException(0x80040107): The operation failed. at Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook_Mailitem.Move(MAPIFolderDestFldr) at ApplicationName.MainWindow.EmailImport() at System.Threading....`

Well, you get the idea.

Here is the related code:

Dim OutlookAp As New Outlook.Application
Dim NS As Outlook.Namespace = OutlookAp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Dim ObjFolder As Outlook.Folder
Dim Inbox As Outlook.Folder
Dim CEBFolder As Outlook.Folder
Dim DestinationFolder As Outlook.Folder
Dim Mesg As Outlook.Mailitem

Here's how I get the folders:

For Each ObjFolder in NS.Folders
    If ObjFolder.Name = "CEB Folder Name" Then
        CEBFolder = ObjFolder
        Exit For
    End If
Next ObjFolder

EDIT: Including the rest of the folders:

For Each ObjFolder in CEBFolder.Folders
    If ObjFolder.Name = "Inbox" then
        Inbox = ObjFolder
        Exit For
    End If
Next ObjFolder

For Each ObjFolder in Inbox.Folders
    If ObjFolder.Name = "Destination Folder" then
        DestinationFolder = ObjFolder
        Exit For
    End If
Next ObjFolder

And so on. Here's how I'm moving the message:

For Counter = Inbox.Items.Count to 1 Step -1
    If TypeName(Inbox.Items(Counter)) = "MailItem" then
        Mesg = Ctype(Inbox.Items(Counter), Outlook.MailItem)
        'Do some parsing of the message
    End If
Next Counter

And that's pretty much it. This code seems to be successful most of the time, but every now and again Outlook simply won't let me move a message, full stop.

As always, any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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It looks like you're never assigning DestinationFolder, so you're trying to move the message to Null.

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I just omitted that code because it got repetitive, but i can include it if you think it would be helpful. I have, however, set the destination folder and verified that the object is loading properly. – MattB May 6 '14 at 21:04
I've edited the question above to make it clear that I'm getting all the folders. Sorry for the confusion. – MattB May 6 '14 at 21:17

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