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I am trying to use the Django framework to read from a Mongo Database along side a postgres connection. I am using Django MongoDB Engine to read in from the source. The model is also set up to emulate the collection from the mongo source.

I set it all up as mentioned on their website, and when I run the application I am able to read in a list of records (pulled by the admin module). However, when I click on a particular id in the given collection, I encounter an error which says:

object with primary key u'some_id' does not exist.

I checked in the database and the id does exist. I have the same setup for a postgres database, and it works fine in that case.

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Excactly the same issue here, a default postgres database and trying to access an existing mongodb collection for the models of a separate app. As you posted, the list of objects is retrieved and displayed in the admin, but cannot view the details page for an object. Also using django rest framework, and the same error appears when trying to access a detail view url. It seems to be that the method MyModel.objects.get(some_id) expects only an int, or something is missing in the configs. Any help? –  gepatino Oct 9 '14 at 18:29

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