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This tutorial is about language selection according to preferred language on browser.



function dlang($Var)

function language()


 // Try to detect Primary language if several languages are accepted.
 foreach($GLOBALS['_LANG'] as $K)
  if(strpos($_AL, $K)===0)
   return $K;

 // Try to detect any language if not yet detected.
 foreach($GLOBALS['_LANG'] as $K)
  if(strpos($_AL, $K)!==false)
   return $K;
 foreach($GLOBALS['_LANG'] as $K)
  if(preg_match("/[\[\( ]{$K}[;,_\-\)]/",$_UA))
   return $K;

 // Return default language if language is not yet detected.
 return $GLOBALS['_DLANG'];

// Define default language.

// Define all available languages.
// WARNING: uncomment all available languages

$GLOBALS['_LANG'] = array(


//proc all page display
include('lang.php'); //language detector
class Session
 var $lang;         //Username given on sign-up
 var $url;          //The page url current being viewed
    var $referrer;     //Last recorded site page viewed

 /* Class constructor */
   function Session(){
      $this->time = time();

   function cf($filename){//function to clean a filename string so it is a valid filename
     $fp = explode('/',$filename);
  $num = count($fp);
  return $fp[$num-1];

    * startSession - Performs all the actions necessary to 
    * initialize this session object. Tries to determine if the
    * the user has logged in already, and sets the variables 
    * accordingly. Also takes advantage of this page load to
    * update the active visitors tables.
   function startSession(){
     session_start();   //Tell PHP to start the session

  /* Set referrer page */
         $this->referrer = $search = $this->cf($_SESSION['url']);
         $this->referrer = "/";

      /* Set current url */
      $this->url = $_SESSION['url'] = $this->cf($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);

   /* Set user-determined language: */
    //set up languages array:
    $langs = array('en','es','zh');
   $this->lang =  $_SESSION['lang'] = $_GET['lang'];
   if(!isset($_SESSION['lang']) || !in_array($_SESSION['lang'],$langs)){
      $this->lang = $_SESSION['lang'] = language();
 * Initialize session object - This must be initialized before
 * the form object because the form uses session variables,
 * which cannot be accessed unless the session has started.
$session = new Session;

Now I want to choose a lang.en.php or a lang.es.php according to the value of $lang (en, es, etc...). I want each language's content to have its own file.

I think this code might work:

// use appropiate lang.xx.php file according to the value of the $lang
switch ($lang) {
case 'en':
 $lang_file = 'lang.en.php';

case 'es':
 $lang_file = 'lang.es.php';

case 'tw':
 $lang_file = 'lang.tw.php';

case 'cn':
 $lang_file = 'lang.cn.php';

 $lang_file = 'lang.en.php';

 include_once 'languages/'.$lang_file;

lang.en.php (sample):

$lang = array(
 'tagline_h2' => 'English Tagline',

I placed that switch statement at the end of the session.php file, but no matter what I do, its stuck displaying the default language (en).

Any suggestions?

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i'd use if(in_array($lang, $GLOBALS[_LANG])) include 'languages/lang.'.$lang.'.php'; –  knittl Feb 28 '10 at 8:58
@knittl your code works, but $lang is not having en or es when I echo it in index.php –  alexchenco Feb 28 '10 at 9:25

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Try echoing $lang and seeing what its value is -- so you could see if that's the problem first? Also, I suggest you replace the switch with a plain


If you want to check if it's a valid language you could compare it against and array or check if the file exists first.

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@henasraf I did echo $lang and its value is Array –  alexchenco Feb 28 '10 at 9:15
@henasraf I did var_dump($lang) and its value was NULL –  alexchenco Feb 28 '10 at 9:29
$lang only exists in the class context -- if checking the $lang is within the class, shouldn't you be accessing it as $this->lang? Unless there's code binding $lang to your $session->lang in which case I'd want to see it cause something might be messing up on that way –  Chen Asraf Feb 28 '10 at 9:33
@henasrf I did: var_dump($session) and it displayed: object(Session)#1 (4) { ["lang"]=> NULL ["url"]=> string(9) "index.php" ["referrer"]=> string(9) "index.php" ["time"]=> int(1267349689) } –  alexchenco Feb 28 '10 at 9:36
@henasrf and $_SESSION[lang] = en –  alexchenco Feb 28 '10 at 9:42

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