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How can I identify which customer to associate the AccountSid parameter with when my AuthorizeURL script has been called by Twilio?

Can I attach some ID info to the URL in the Connect Button HTML that I place on my page, and expect that parameter to be passed along to my AuthorizeURL?

(I'm building this in PHP)

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Including code is encouraged (I don't know Twilio so I can't comment on whether it is needed for this question) –  Nick Wilde May 7 '14 at 1:41

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Twilio support responded to an email from me. Their reply was:

If you add a query string parameter called "state" to the target url of the connect button Twilio will pass that parameter back to your AuthorizedRedirectUrl. This is useful for passing metadata, like a customer username or unique identifier, to your authorize url.

So I consider this closed.

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