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I started a new SSH daemon with a config file with a non-standard port number. Now if I start the SSHD as sudo I can SSH onto the host but if i start as a different system account, the daemon starts but the connections fail. Does the SSHD always need to be started as root ?

I made sure the SSHD is running, it just doesnt accept connections.

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It is not practical to run sshd as non-root. sshd needs root privileges for

  • password authentication (only root can access /etc/shadow)
  • binding to a port that is below 1024
  • calling setuid() in order to obtain the privileges of the user that has connected

If you use an unprivileged port and key-based only auth, you may be able to make it work, but you'll be restricted to connections with the user that is running sshd.

There is a relevant discussion here: http://seclists.org/basics/2003/Aug/564

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Thanks, that makes sense. –  broun May 6 '14 at 23:19

Which port did you use? Ports below 1024 are privileged to Root only.

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I used port 7100, i can start the SSHD if i run the command as root, its only when i start it with another account it has this behavior. –  broun May 6 '14 at 22:25

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