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I'm making a game in pygame. I want the user to be able to have the same score after they close the module. But it doesn't work:

import pickle
filehandle = True
    pickle_file = open("points.mvm", 'r')
    filehandle = False
if filehandle:
    points = pickle.load(pickle_file)
    points = 0

It raises an EOFerror. Huh. And I automatically save the points when the program closes. No prob.

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Pickle uses 'wb' and 'rb' – user3286261 May 6 '14 at 22:43

This should work:

import pickle

points = 0

    with open('points.mvm', 'rb') as pickle_file:
        points = pickle.load(pickle_file)
except IOError:

print points

points += 1

with open('points.mvm', 'wb') as pickle_file:
    pickle.dump(points, pickle_file)

Note, that if you still have the points.mvm file in your directory, you'll need to delete it as it is likely corrupt (i.e. not binary), and will give you the EOFError.

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When I copy-and-pasted the code, it raised a SyntaxError on the first open() function. What is happening? – user3576467 May 7 '14 at 0:19

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