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I have a project in ASP.NET, after i finished it i did the following steps before moving to production server:

set compile: release

web.config compilation debug="false"

after this i made a clean and build on project and published files with copy paste method.

but even with this, when an unhandled exception occurs it shows the folders of my development machine where i worked the project.

is there something else im missing?


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Set customErrors mode to remoteOnly to prevent showing exception details when error occurs for remote accessing users.

Check this msdn page for more info


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i also saw in the compilation settings of the project, some trace options, i will turn them off. –  Fernando May 8 '14 at 2:43

Sounds like IIS directory browsing feature is turned on? Try checking out and disabling the setting. If that is not what you are referring, please edit your question to provide additional details.

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