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I need to insert data to an Oracle database and after a few actions that an external service does using that data, I need to have it deleted.

I already made a few methods in c# which take the original INSERT query which was inserted, reformat it into a DELETE query and then execute the query.

My question is: isn't there any better solution then parsing the INSERT into DELETE? Isn't there any method built in oracle sql and/or c# that makes the "clean up" easier?

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Will this help you? oracle-base.com/articles/misc/temporary-tables.php –  ajmalmhd04 May 7 at 4:20
Unfortunately, I can not control the external service and/or the tables it selects data from so temporary global tables are not an option in this case.. but thanks for useful info in general! :) –  shirbr510 May 7 at 4:26

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