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How to pass a VB6 string array [Assume, s =Array("a", "b", "c", "d")] to C#.Net through COM Interop?

I tried to implement passing C# string array to VB and VB string array to C# as below C#->VB working fine but other way (VB=>C#) giving a compile error called "Function or interface marked as restricted, or the function uses an automation type not supported in visual basic" . My code below


    public interface ITest   
         string[] GetArray();
         void SetArray(string[] arrayVal );

    public class Test : ITest 
        string[] ITest.GetArray() {                                //Working fine
            string[] stringArray = { "red ", "yellow", "blue" };
            return stringArray;

    void ITest.SetArray(string[] arrayVal) //Giving an issue
       string[] stringArray1 = arrayVal;


 Dim str As Variant
    Debug.Print ".NET server returned: "    
    For Each str In dotNETServer.GetArray      'dotNETServer=TestServer.Test
            Debug.Print str

    Dim arr(3) As String
    arr(1) = "Pahee"
    arr(2) = "Tharani"
    arr(3) = "Rathan"

    dotNETServer.SetArray (arr)         'This one causing the compile error which I mentioned earlier

Update: ::::::

We need to pass the array as reference in C#. Change it in the interface and method

void SetArray(ref string[] arrayVal ); //ref added
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I like the JSON method: stackoverflow.com/questions/15649696/… –  Jeremy Thompson May 7 at 2:03
Just use a string array in VB6, Dim arr(42) As String. It is automatically marshaled to string[] if you have Option Base 0 in effect. If you want to monkey with Variant for some reason then you'll have to use object in C# and cast. –  Hans Passant May 7 at 2:18
@HansPassant, thank you very much. any idea for my question to send VB6 string array to C#? –  Robin May 7 at 2:29
I was talking about marshaling a string from vb6 to C#. That means "send". –  Hans Passant May 7 at 2:34

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Your issue was in the Vb6 code:

dotNETServer.SetArray (arr)

This is actually forcing arr to be passed by value because it is enclosed by parentheses with no Call keyword.

You want to do this:

Call dotNETServer.SetArray(arr)


dotNETServer.SetArray arr
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Marshaling to appropriate type will solve your problem. Note marshaling and ref keyword change below

void ITest.SetArray([MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.SafeArray, SafeArraySubType=VT_BSTR)] ref string[] arrayVal)
   string[] stringArray1 = arrayVal;

I made this solution based on your code and issue that you are not able to fetch data from VB6. If above solution does not work for you the do try finding the array type/subtype suitable for your application here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/z6cfh6e6(v=vs.110).aspx

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You are right. When I add ref key word to the array parameter. It is working. Just found. Thanks –  Robin May 7 at 3:42

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